The epidemic of Ebola virus

In one of the missions we will struggle with Ebola virus which started in Guinea. On the screens below the epidemic of Ebola virus after 180 days from the moment the patient zero was infected is presented. In one of the cases the disease could freely spread via the airline connection, in another case the player gave an order to block the airports in the region that was infected.

The sick people in both cases were not isolated, therefore the development of the epidemic was very fast. Of course, the player will be able to isolate the sick, that will successfully delay the development of the epidemic. At the same time, the player will be able to conduct the research of the vaccination in order to finally terminate the epidemic.

We're back after a break

After the break, we return to the intensive work on the Global Epidemic. We would like to inform you that at present we have ready the following:

  • - A realistic model of the development of the epidemic
  • - Each sector contained data about the climate, population density, GDP and the level of medicine
  • - 253 cities, together with the airplane connections network between them
  • - World map and several technology


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