About the game
About the game



Global Epidemic is a strategic game in which the apocalyptic vision of the world plagued by fatal epidemics is presented. Global Epidemic is the first in the world game where the plot of the conflict is the fight with an invisible opponent that with the ruthlessness of a primitive and heartless microorganism kills all the cities, countries, continents. The final stake is the survival of the human species.

The game consists of several missions in which the players have to meet the most dangerous pathogens that a man has ever encountered such as Ebola virus, the bubonic plague, the smallpox and others. There are also missions in which the player has to face even more dangerous opponents that is genetic engineering products kept secret in secret laboratories. The thing that tries to hide in the most dark and damp places of the equatorial jungle is also very frightening. As the game proceeds the civilization that we know is on the decline. It only depends on the player whether the mankind finally survives such a horrible trial or not.

In Global Epidemic we can see the fictional scenario of the events. However, there is a big similarity to the events which took place in the past. Several times in the history of the human species the population of people was devastated by epidemics. One of the examples is the flu in 1918 and 1919 which affected one third of the contemporary population of the word. As the result almost 100 million people died. During that epidemic there were more casualties then during the second world war.

Nobody, however, can guarantee that similar events will never ever affect us in the future. Perhaps even now somewhere in the world a new type of virus attacks its first victims to change the whole world that we know completely within a few weeks.

How will our new world look like? Probably there will be no governments, economy will be devastated, there will be total chaos and decay of our society. The world will be divided into the sick and the healthy. Moreover, the law will only apply to the healthy. The sick will be forgotten and left alone with their pain.

Are we prepared as mankind for such a scenario. Are we doing everything we can in order not to be surprised by the worst ? In Global Epidemic game you can protect the world from the worst that could ever happen. Will anybody, on the other hand, protect us on the day of apocalypse ?


Main characteristics of the game


• Realistic model of epidemic spread
• Epidemic situation management from the level of the world map
• The development of new medicine and vaccinations
• Quarantine and disinfection implementation
• The possibility to face the most dangerous pathogens (Ebola virus, anthrax, the plague, birds flu, and others)
• The threat connected with bioterrorist attacks, natural epidemic, accidents in laboratories, mutations and creations of genetic engineering
• Developed technologies connected with microbiology, genetic engineering, social and military engineering
• Several missions with different characteristics and difficult moral decisions to be undertaken
• Convenient system of time passage control
• Climatic and thrilling illustrations
• Windows and Linux system versions




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